About US

Russalite owned by Royal™.

A family owned with three generations of experience in the gem and jewelry trade. 

Sourcing the most precious gems around the globe, Royal Jewelry Founder Mr. Shimon Ghassabian was an established Gemstone Collector and acclaimed Jeweler.During a Diamond and Alexandrite excavation in Russia, miners came across Russalite and Mr. Ghassabian was enamored by its unique beauty and intrigued by its incomparable brilliance.

Eager to share this discovery with the world Mr. Ghassabian quickly laid claim to the finest specimens available and named it Russalite in honor of its geography and internal brilliance.Utilizing Royal Jewelry’s ability to custom create and manufacture the finest jewelry collections on the planet Mr. Ghassabian and the Royal family invite you to discover Russalite – The Hidden Gem of the North.