Rare & Precious

 Discovered in 1988 deep in the Siberian Mountains and mined only 3 months per year, Russalite™ is one of the newest, most exciting gemstones.An all natural, untreated gem of unequal beauty, Russalite™ has earned the distinction as the most vibrant, Translucent of all green gemstones

 Russalite™ gems require special cutting expertise. Only about 10% of the rough ends up in a polished gem. Russalite™ gems are colored by the presence of chromium, the same element that gives the color to Emerald. This beautiful green gem has higher refraction than an emerald.

​Currently, Russalite™ gemstone Jewelry is exclusively made by Royal Jewelry. The only company in the world creating jewelry with Russalite™ gems, Royal Jewelry, is a family-owned business in New York that has been operating in fine and rare gemstone since 1980.

Russalite™ gems are an all natural untreated gemstone.No Heat, No Radiation, No Diffusion, and No oils. This makes Russalite™ one of the purest Precious Gems available.